“ If you invest in beauty, it will remain with you

all the days of your life  ”

Frank Lloyd Wright



Descending from a studio founded over 50 years ago, AFR architects is an independent and privately owned company, staffed by a team of highly qualified professionals with a depth experience in the business of architecture and urban design, committed to provide added-value services to our clients.

We are responsive and responsible to our clients trough the project’s life from concept to completion.

We have built our practice on a distinctive way of thinking rather than a trademark style. Mindful of the shortcomings of many architectural "interventions," we approach a project as the occasion to put global experience in the service of local cultures and contexts.

Technology meets passion and traditional methods of fabrication. The design of each unique project informs the next, building a knowledge base that helps to free us from conventional understandings.
By starting to study local history and culture, we enhance the richness of people lives by basing our designs on the analysis on the way people live, work and relax, as well on social and cultural environment